I Am Your Competition

Hesitate in any way and I will outhustle you.

Show up unprepared and I will clean your clock.

Move slow and I will run circles around you.

Underestimate me and I will teach you a lesson.

Don’t follow up and I will gladly steal your customers.

Underperform and I will make you look foolish.

Make a mistake and I will use it to my advantage.

Don’t give it your all and I will make you pay for it.

Miss a deadline and I will capitalize on your carelessness.

Lose focus and I will eat you for lunch.

Refuse to go the extra mile and I will show you up.

Lie, cheat or steal and I will expose your Achilles heel.

Resist change and I will eliminate you from the game.

Don’t do things right the first time and I will outclass you.

If you have a weakness or vulnerability I will find it.

Each day I am determined to beat you and win.

Stay paranoid my furry friend as I am out to get you.

Who am I?

Avoid making common goal setting mistakes, leverage your time with this article.


What is goal setting? What does the smart acronym stand for when goal setting?
What are goal setting skills? What goals to set?
How many goals should you set? What to do when setting a goal?
What is important when setting a goal? Why is goal setting important when beginning an exercise program?
What is the best goal setting program? Why goal setting fails?
Why setting goals is important? Why set goals?
Why setting goals is bad? Why set life goals?
Why do we set goals? Who invented smart goal setting?
Who should set goals? Who set goals in the bible?
How to set sales goals? How to set business goals?
How to set realistic goals? How to accomplish set goals?
4 Steps When Setting a Goal The Power of Goal Setting

Goal Setting Tips and Strategies


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